Autumn 2012: The current Chair of Acton Aid broached the subject of a village choir in a briefly whispered conversation in that fuzzy haze that characterises the aftermath of most Acton Aid meetings.

This happily coincided with my own ambition to lead a choir (although I had optimistically envisioned it as a post-retirement enterprise!)...and so in early the age of Gareth Malone and the re-evaluation of the role of singing in creating and sustaining community...the Iron Acton Community Choir was born.

We meet on a Tuesday evening in the Parish Hall Committee room (or sometimes in the upper room at The Lamb). We sing secular music from a range of sources. Our youngest members are 17 and our oldest would certainly never be asked his or her age. Suffice to say, the only stipulation for membership is to be older than 16, and to be living within the Iron Acton Parish. We are an enthusiastic bunch; we work hard and we have fun...and we are very proud of our efforts which we have been delighted and thrilled to share with our audiences.

If you should feel that you might like to join, then in the first instance contact Robert Pardoe via the contact form on this website.