• BS37 9UH

A mighty Roc bird snatched away the Golden Fleece and Sinbad’s girlfriend Sabrina several years ago condemning Sinbad to roam the seven seas searching for her. Sinbad is not a lucky sailor and has suffered many shipwrecks but will he managed this time to find his true love? He is joined by his Mother Dame Sadie Sinbad, his brother Binbagh and some Pirates masquerading as sailors under the control of the mutinous Captain Redbeard. Will the hands of the Gods help to steer Sinbad to success and will there be a happy ending? Join us and find out the answers as Actonians bring you a fresh new Pantomime written by Godfrey Laundy especially for the group and directed by Bob Allen. We present a traditional family show in two acts but please be aware, amongst all the fun, colour, music and silliness you would expect to find, there are flashing lights, thunder, loud explosions and smoke effects.

Doors open at 6.45pm for evening shows and at 2.00pm for the matinee. Admittance to the main hall will not be possible before then, as we have lots of checks to make before the show starts. If you arrive early you are welcome to wait in the new meeting room just to the right of the main entrance doors. There will be one interval of twenty minutes between the acts and refreshments can be ordered in advance at the bar.

Enjoy the show.